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1.Patent, Utility model There are various applications which require easy preparation or difficult preparation. Therefore it is difficult to make our attorney's fee fixed unlike a TV set etc.  That is, our fee changes according to difficult invention or not, to volume, to  client's offering information, urgency and so on. Olso the official fee changes according to the number of claims. Therefore we will estimate our fee per each case to make our fee transparent.  Please use the form for your request of our estimate(patent,utility).  Meanwhile, when your order is continuous or many, we can reflect it to our fee,  because accumulation of the technological information makes our load smaller  and also averages difficulty.    Please ask us without hisitation.   2. Trademark Our and Official fees change according to the kinds of article/service to be got  because extent of trademark right changes according to those.  And also the fees change according to the number of marks to be got.  Therefore we wil estimate ourfee per each case to avoid trouble.  Please use the form for your request of our estimate(trademark).




Personal Information Protection : Personal information described on the forms are protected by us under Japanese PIP Act. We do not leak the secrets under Japanese Patent Attorneys Act.

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/ filing→ request of examination.→ response to official action allowed
our fee
official fee ×
consumption tax
note1) The abstract presumes that a filing→examination request→one reject action→respond→allowed.
            The fee occurrence is different from the above when allowed without reject or further reject comes.
note2) About 1 year if fast, 3 years if slow is necessary for patent application examination from the exam. request.
         There is speedup system with extra fee.     Utility system does not adopt substantial examination system.
      Within about 0.5 to 1 year action is issued for trademark application from Japanese Patent Office.
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